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We are developing automation devices for the producing companies which can perform the most diverse tasks efficiently and accurately.
Our main areas:
- rationing technology
- inspection, measurement, sorting
- other special machines like manufacturing, packaging and parts cleaning equipment
- incidentally, development of existing machines/technologies
Rationing technology
  • Our main automation area is the vending machines connected to the lathe machines, which are able to supply machines with raw parts in 24/7 work schedules and deliver the finished parts from the working area. The typical part replacement time is 2-4 seconds net, which is significantly faster than any human or robot application, so the effect of the extra profit achieved by the equipment delivered by us can be felt in a short time.
For example:
during a net 7-hour shift, counting with a 30-second technological (turnery + blowing off) time, the cycle time is:
(manual parts replacement: approximately 10 second from door opening till pressing the "start" button)
In the case of manual parts replacement:
- 40 seconds / parts
- 630 pieces / shift
In the case of automatic parts replacement up to:
- 32-34 seconds
- 740-790 pieces / shift
- 17-25% productivity growth!
Besides this we undertake to charge almost any component, which can be:
- spring, O-ring, other small-sized components either with vibrating feeder
- large metal /plastic, composite component with pneumatic, servo, robot movement
- bulk goods rationing and arrangement with tape, chain/spoon or step-by-step solution
Inspection, measurement, sorting
The machined, assembled parts and products must in most cases be cheked and sorted to ensure quality. We do mainly touch-free control/measuring equipment with a camera, optical sensor, inductance measurement design, but it is possible to develop tactile measurements.
We can evaluate the measurement results according to a wide variety of demands, from the simplest good/scrap sorting, through the classification, until the full documentation, parts marking.