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Shopping and Delivery

                                                                  Purchase information

Here is how to shop on our webshop:


We provide access to the webshop to all our existing customers, based on demand. By using the access data (logging in), the General Terms and Conditions are accepted. To add products to the cart, you must log in.
You can log in by clicking on the "Login" button in the upper right corner of the webshop. The user's unique email address and password are required to log in.


On the "Login" page, anyone can request access to the webshop by filling out and submitting the form.

Add product(s) to cart

We distinguish between 3 types: Warehouse and Non-warehouse product and ordering aluminium profiles must be handled separately.
Stock products are in stock. Non-stock products meet individual needs e.g. Out of stock.
Both stock and non-stock products can be added to the cart and ordered.

In the case of aluminium profiles, a unique offer must be requested, because if the profiles are requested by cutting, there is even a cutting fee!

Use the category buttons or the search engine to select the desired product(s).
On the category, search result and product page, you can immediately enter the desired quantity and add the product(s) to the cart.
The desired quantity can be entered in the cell next to the "Quantity" field, then by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button the system will add the product (s) to the basket and the user will be taken to the "Shopping Cart" page.
Select delivery condition

If two different types of products (both warehouse and non-warehouse) are added to the cart, partial delivery or joint delivery can be requested.
By selecting "Partial delivery", the user agrees to be informed of the expected delivery date of the missing products in the order confirmation.
By selecting "Joint delivery", the user accepts that delivery will take place upon receipt of the missing products in stock and that the order confirmation will inform you of the expected delivery date.

The next step is to select the delivery method (courier service or personal comes for the goods).
On this page you can see the exact total amount of the order, as well as the amount of the delivery and handling fee.
Send order

Clicking the "Order" button will take you to the "Data" page. Here you can select Invoice and Shipping addresses.
After selecting the addresses, clicking on the “Next” button will take you to the “Payment” page, where you can select the payment method for your first purchase. When making your first purchase, you can choose 2 ways to pay in cash or prepay. If you have already purchased from us several times, we set up a fixed payment method.
Clicking on the "Next" button will take you to the "Confirmation" page, where you will have one last chance to review the product(s) to be ordered, the quantity to be ordered and the order details.
You can change the data using the "Back" button.
If you want to leave a message or comment for the order, you can do so in the "Comment" field below the cart.

After clicking the "Finalize Order" button, we will not be able to make changes to your order. Please press the send order button if your order is final on your part.

Upon receipt of the order in our system, the user will receive an automatic e-mail informing them of the receipt of the order. Orders are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
In all cases, we will send you a written notice of the processing of your orders, preferably on the day of receipt. Official confirmations, together with the delivery deadline, will be sent upon receipt of the manufacturer's confirmation.
                                                                     Shipping information
Arrives in person for the goods:

Our customers can be taken over the ordered product(s) in person at our customer service. We can keep the product ordered by personal collection for 14 working days after sending the notification - if the buyer does not indicate his intention to receive it later, the order will be canceled!

Customer service address:
H-8200 Veszprém, Házgyári út 7. (behind Diego)

Customer service opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 16:00
Home delivery:

Upon request, we will deliver the ordered product(s) to your home by your own means of transport or by using a forwarding company. The freight is charged to the customer, the amount of which will always be indicated on the order confirmation. If a new order is received before the delivery of the ordered product(s) and you indicate it when you place the second order (and for this - based on your feedback - there is still a possibility),we try to deliver the orders together. If we have already handed over the package of the previous order to the courier service, there is no possibility of joint delivery.

The delivery fee for the ordered product(s) depends on the size and weight of the product(s) and the total amount of the order.
Standard sizes: max. 1,2 meters / 35 kg.
Terms of home delivery:
- With standard size / weight, net purchase of under HUF 50,000, we uniformly charge a delivery and packaging cost of HUF 2,500 (GLS courier service)
- With standard size / weight, Above HUF 50,000 net purchase, the delivery fee is free (GLS courier service)
- In the case of an oversized package, an individual fee will be charged and sent in the form of an offer. (we use several forwarding companies here)
The amounts shown refer to the territory of Hungary. IPT Kereskedelmi Kft. reserves the right to change the delivery fee. The modification does not affect the delivery cost of the products already ordered!

For the product(s) delivered by courier service, the estimated delivery time is 1-4 working days.